Alt Code Bullet Point

heres a look at an image that i uploaded it looks pretty good but youll notice that the alignment of the image is a little off

using the tenkey pad you can enter any symbol in a font

gems of useful knowledge

table ascii tendue

enable the keyboard and character viewers

click the ok button in the define new bullet dialog box

formatting tableau measure with up and down triangles

enter image description here

example of a line of text with small bullets

select number forms in the subset dialog to show fractions and other math symbols

figure the symbol dialog box

bullet symbols alt codes list of alt key codes symbols

ad insert checkboxes marks controls

checkmark symbol codes

most common ascii characters

bullets and numbering working with type in adobe indesign cc peachpit

how to type em dash

alignment issue with bullet and text wrap with indesign

place the cursor at the beginning of the first paragraph and press the alt windows or optalt mac shortcuts this will create a bullet point

how to type symbols and characters not found on a regular keyboard codes for ppt

and should be useful as a starting point for anyone wanting to roll their own transparent controls with the added flexibility of drawing it yourself

symbol codes