Alt Code For Bullet Point

shift states for windows symbols custom keyboard layouts

you do this by displaying the customize keyboard dialog box see figure how you display the dialog box depends on the version of word you are using

if you need to add other text behind the symbols you will get a strange symbols as they are all in wingdings

before you begin

then click symbol to open the symbol menu and click more symbols select the extended characters plane subset and scroll down until you can find

numerical keypad

checkmark symbol codes

symbol insertion window in an old version of ms word

figure the symbol dialog box


typography cheatsheeta guide to smart quotes dashes other typographic characters typewolf

alt text

however you can click the quick button to reduce the list to of the most commonly used symbols including various currency symbols and copyright and

figure the symbol dialog box

george reschke

insert symbols and special characters

image titled use a symbol when you have a laptop step

alt code for bullet point

word symbol window

alt code for bullet point

alt code for bullet point

table ascii tendue