Array Formula

a multicell array formula in excel

sample data array formula to join multiple columns in google sheets

difference with array formulas

to demonstrate how an array formula can occupy more than one cell create the worksheet shown in the figure and then try these steps


array formula

following formula

example to the use of array formula in excel

the array formula that will do the job is


here is the sample code used to generate the output pdf from source excel file please read the comments for more information

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cells ready for an array formula

note that in the formula bar a pair of brackets enclose your formula this tells you that its recognized as an array formula

vba array formula valid vba array formula new excel vba sort formula

maxsumaacc isnt seen as an array reference it just sums the whole range

example of multicell array formula


array formula like excel has so i can recreate my fee estimate sheets in smartsheet it does not appear like smartsheet can do this

this formula takes the value in cell a multiplies it by the value in cell a and places the result in cell a takes the value in cell b

google spreadsheet image with formula

this brings up the evaluate formula dialog box it shows which cell is being evaluated and the formula in the cell as indicated in the dialog box