Compound Annual Growth Rate Formula

use this button to display on the selected chart the compound annual growth rate between the first and last points of the chart see picture below for an

the table in example above illustrates that a compound annual growth rate is equivalent to a simple interest rate over a year

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the quarterly real gdp rate published is the compound growth rate annualized whereas the annual growth is just the simple growth rate of the average real

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compound annual growth rate of gross value output in manufacture and service sectors at constant


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absolute returns and cagr same

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as the tables show there were higher percentage increases and greater rates of growth among both these populations in the s than in the s

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to calculate annual growth rate for the first quarter of the formula will be

notice that your cmgr is over the entire period even though it varies from month to month for example the mom growth rate from january to february is

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we can use the formula above to calculate the cagr

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