Datedif Function

microsoft excel datedif function

ps a lot of site avoid calculating date in excel using datedif function the reason is bugs datedif functions dont have any in excel

please find attached images

method b convert birthdate to age with datedif function

article with the datedif function

datedif function

this can be a very useful function

also see datedif function

datedif function in microsoft excel howto microsoft excel

datedif function

calculate age using datedif function month value only

excel datedif months

well continue our a to z of excel functions soon keep checking back theres a new blog post every business day

and unlike most other functions even if you start typing it out excel doesnt prompt us on its usage

jd sartain

fred pryor formula to calculate age

datedif function screen capture


enter image description here


if your datedif functions are returning errors you may need to install the analysis toolpak addin which supports the function

using datedif function i got the result below if you check the formula beow and think about how it is structed you might be able to use this function