Drop Down Excel

dependent dropdown list with custom formula and indirect

choose a cell to house your dropdown menu

the dropdown menu should now work when you click in one of the boxes you selected earlier an arrow should appear on the righthand side of the box

click ok and your first drop down list will appear now make sure to note down which cell you put the first dropdown list in because you will need it later

drop down excel

change functions with excel drop down list

column check mark has a drop down menu in each cell for entering a check when clear the bank

drop down excel

click the dropdown arrow and check your work excel

how to create a variable drop down list in excel

i set up three scenarios using the scenario manager

i set up three scenarios using the scenario manager

dropown list in excel

i have tried naming this table in excel as categories and pointed my dropdown field to the and and still nothing is

before the magic

click format only cells that contain from the select a rule type list box select specific text from the first dropdown list and containing

now for the big moment the conditional rep dropdown we set up data validation and we allow a list equal to ddreps as shown below

we assume that your tables name is table please try to set the items property of dropdown control to

copy and paste the items in the source category creating a drop

learn how to show a main category and subcategory in drop down list in excel its so simple you will think it is magic

checkbox style drop down in excel

drop down excel