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rumus excel maxif dan minif mencari nilai terbesar dan terkecil dengan

the max and min function only evaluate if there is only numeric values present in the datasheet if you want to include logical values and get them

when we select the chart we can see the chart data highlighted in the worksheet

excel max if

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tagged with if max

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the formula is needed to check the max change between two years data

if we wish to find the highest sales figure by any sales rep during quarters and we can use the dmax function in the example the criteria are

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note in writing formula use semicolon if you use openoffice otherwise use comma only if you use microsoft office

there is an array formula equivalent if you do not want to use the user defined function see below this includes hidden rows

vlookup range lookup

cell c will now show call or put option profit or loss based on the inputs in cells cc

how to replace a long if with a minmax formula in excel


if you cant see the image here is a direct link to it