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how to use the if and vlookup functions together in excel

xirr is a top excel function in finance


countif function sample

autosum command

dynamic array formulas unique function spill range

what is the or function in excel text and format function in excel image excel function

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the required arguments are specified as numbers however you can also use cell referents so long as the cells are formatted as number or general

the or function evaluates similarly to an or operator and accepts several expressions in the form

logical if functions

the syntax or formula is the or function in excel

using if with the min and max functions

the insert function has our formula in excel or excel based

the first if tests whether or not the person is a child and if not the second if will check if he is an adult or an old person

selecting a formula

excel or function

formula bar

now in the if function we will insert the and statement which in our example is that batting average should be above and strike rate above

as we type excel will give us a number of prompts for possible functions