Excel Solver

figure product mix model with analytic solver ribbon and task pane in excel


if you do not already have the solver addin then go to file options addins

by using solver we can express the model constraints as excel formula within cells using the familiar excel syntax

solver addin

solver addin

image titled use solver in microsoft excel step


on excel menu choose tools using excel solver solver this brings

use of excel solver

screenshot excel linear solver simplex

it is not necessary to use trial and error we shall describe next how the excel solver can be used to quickly find the optimal solution

first you will need to add the solver function to your tool belt if you havent yet older excel do this with the toolsadd ins menu

solver settings

in addin dialog box click on solver addin and click ok

excel solver

picture of how to download enable solver addin in excel

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solver in data tab

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quadratic equation in excel solving linear equations in excel using solver quadratic functions in excel

excel solver