Excel Sparklines

sparklines data example

winloss sparkline example

excel sparklines

following are some of example of sparklines images courtesy ms excel product team

sparklines insert line chart range

excel sparklines

image titled create sparklines in excel step

excel sparklines

the data for the spreadsheet

creating these sparklines is very simple select the cell you would like to insert a sparkline into and press the line button on the insert tab at the top

in dashboard tools for excel you will find a vast amount of sparklines that will improve the visual reading of data making it faster and simple

change color sparklines sparkline chart excel

excel sparklines

range to insert sparklines

line sparkline in excel handing data gaps and empty cells

change the sparklines axis in excel

create sparklines

sparklines are miniature charts that fit into a single cell because theyre so compact you can place a large number of them in your worksheets

sparklines in excel

data range

see sfe running running on both

excel sparklines