Google Sheets Array Formula

in this example if you want to split the text contained in the column a using the delimiter space we will first need to insert an extra column

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formula i already wrote except with a new spreadsheet key that points to child spreadsheet the range i am interested in pulling remains the same

a spreadsheet key is the set of characters that can be found in the url of every google document or spreadsheet in our example i want to use

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link your google form to your google spreadsheet and set up your document merge andor mail merge

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hope you now understand how to use vlookup with multiple criteria in google sheets the above example is with two criteria when there are more than two

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in the example im using below i used the round and sum formulas so that the results would be scaled to one decimal point

as you can see in column a there is every time specified if it is a new running total or if it continues and then c need to do a running total