Heart Unicode

flamingo and white heart are among the possible emojies of downloads

char map unicode imperfect heart regular font

smiley faces get a whole lot more expressive in unicode running the gamut from foulmouthed anger to calm pleas for silence

for the unfamiliar emoji like couple with heart can specify the genders which appear in each but if no gender is selected the unicode standard prefers a

just let it happen naturally

heart unicode

enter image description here

vault symbol necklace

when you write something from the iphone now using emoji it will now show up as unicode to all other devices an example is this tweet that was written

character image experiment

copy and paste symbols heart mgakt awesome unicode text symbols to copy and paste studios


fixing unicode for ruby developers

see next slide what is unicode

tinder is petitioning unicode for interracial couple emojis aphee messer


broken heart

char map unicode doves heart regular font

purple heart


comparison showing icon and underlying unicode character

char map unicode crystal heart regular font