If Vlookup

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if the result of vlookup is hide using the if function

what i am looking to do is do a sum of column if column channel if column error false if column slaveid

how can we compare two columns in excel

note also that this extra column can be hidden from view to make for less clutter if you have not already guessed we now simply use a standard vlookup

now our cells look blank if no contractor has been filled in but as soon as we do the remaining cells populate as well

custom vlookup

if vlookup

we can use the if function to hide or na click here to know how to use the if function

if vlookup

image showing a formula that can be used as a vlookup with multiple values

how both functions work

i have tried a formula similar to the following but the len only looks at c to check if there is an entry if lencc

it would be helpful to first understand vlookup if statement before using them

first vlookup will look for an exact match in the table if you happen to have a sale for exactly the vlookup will return the value of

excel vlookup from another workbook

if you later change your mind and want to return the email instead of the last name just set the index parameter to and things will work fine

isna vlookup excel

if vlookup

countif vs vlookup table for checking if a value exists

if vlookup

dont forget to check if this newly to be added column c is formatted as number as well if not vlookup wont work then choose