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here is the full inclusion list for the buy save kroger mega kroger mega event this week sale runs august this list will also be bookmarked

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about super simple shopping list

kroger shopping list

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check your ralphs or kroger affiliated store app there is a free mms candy oz digital coupon

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example shopping list

choosing memphis as your kroger of choice

find nearby deals

once the page reloads back to your account summary you should see a message similar to the below

coupon and a cash back offer all for the same item this list makes it easier for me to state each coupon i need letting me see my final

shopping list regardless of whether it was added manually or from a recipe can be removed by rolling over the item and pressing the remove item icon

download shopping list template e jpg x kroger grocery list template

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these look like they are covered for a person who has cheese on their approved monthly shopping list but the wic materials say that you cant buy cheese