Pick From Dropdown List Excel

add the items under drop down item box

now choose list for the allow box and type in carbrands into the source box note that you would type in whatever you named your categories

excel picklist the range name is entered into in the example and this defines the set excel picklist create pick list

image immeria web dashboard

excel pick from a drop down list excel pick from drop down list create a drop

excel dropdown referencing range names

a warning prompts users to select from the list of options

choose a cell to house your dropdown menu

dropdown list in excel

selecting validation option in paste special

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drop list in excel how to edit excel drop down list how do i edit a drop list in excel

altdown arrowc clear filter in drop down menu excel

excel dropdown referencing range names

click the more controls button

list of options for drop down

use excel choose function with drop down list

pick from dropdown list excel

choose the green fill enter image description here


how to create a dropdown list in excel

a drop down list is actually a tiny window from where you can peek into some other data you have constructed