Sparklines In Excel

how to make sparklines

select the data range for your excel sparkline

keep track of your gains and losses with excel sparklines and conditional formatting

step click on the cell with the new sparkline and drag it down using the fill handle option at the bottom corner of the cell

sparklines in excel

image titled create sparklines in excel step


screenshot of excel

sparklines for excel install addin

in the first box select the data that you want the sparkline to calculate and include i suggest clicking on your first cell and dragging


step select the location range where you want the sparklines to be placed

sparklines insert tab select line sparkline


markers sparklines excel


change color sparklines sparkline chart excel

a popup screen will appear

the location rangeis the cell where the sparkline will be displayed just click on the cell and excel will populate this field

the created a set of special sparkline fonts and an easy to use tool that you can use to build sparklines in excel using their fonts

bullet charts sparklines for excel function arguments

sparklines in excel