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list of neoassyrian cuneiform signs v a practical and critical

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weve seen a lot of important news over the past few days during google io but we know all you really care about it when unicode is going to introduce

unicode egyptian hieroglyphs

list of example characters and their character bytes and column counts

alan henderson gardiners s list of common egyptian signs which was used by the sia and unicode consortium to develop the unicode

unicode list

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unicode chars generator and similar software

list of unicode characters

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unicode support unsupported items discussion forums national instruments


emojis addicts should keep in mind that this list isnt final yet so there may be additions or changes between now and members of the unicode


fileunicode hangul jamopng

to a list of favorites for easy access clicking on insert inserts the character in the active application just like you typed it

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fileunicode hangul jamopng

the complete unicode character set by deley david

unicode comparison of unicode membership levels