Unicode Values

the wikipedia myanmar community page contains a more thorough discussion on unicode vs zawgyi and has good links to extra fonts and conversion tools


diagram of standards ascii iso and unicode that define control characters


tag urdu unicode values

note you can also go to an indexed version of this website here https which also has a pretty good search feature



map of the unicode codespace click to zoom

enter the hexadecimal value for your symbol into the character code box

locate the desired symbol from the font its unicode value is displayed in the lower

do not use unicode letterlike shapes that do not have letter in their name eg

unicode values

abc string literals is sometimes used to denote space for clarity

if windows is confused for iso you get for these characters this regularly causes me fits when im working with metadata for con videos

unicode values and the unicode name this is especially handy to reference when you are working with hardtouse glyph names unfamiliar characters

unicode values

removing unicode character

unicode character to value transcoder

now select the file origin to pick unicode utf this will turn your csv file into something thats legible also while we are here


dbup umlauts in notepad