What Is A Vlookup

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people generally tends to count columns during writing vlookup formulas it can be manageable with a couple of columns to count

entering the match function as the column index number argument

what is a vlookup

for a vlookup to work you must have a unique identifier and that unique identifier must be in the first column of your list in this example our unique

the vlookup book definitive guide to microsoft excel lookup formulas by duggirala

vlookup step

vlookup example

vlookup example

an to vlookup function

vlookups work like phone books

what is a vlookup

illustrated formula and mappings


lookup vs vlookup example

figure completed function arguments dialog box for the vlookup function

since the column index numbers are not in any proper order we cannot use column function instead we can use match function to return the column index

cell b in the table on the left hand side has a dash

vlookup in excel

lookup vs vlookup example

image method vlookup with column

note that this is easily doable with the reports tool so you wouldnt need to do this one in excel